I've converted my email back

I’ve converted my email back to Eudora. I used Eudora Pro for many years, but after I switched to OS X I really hated the way it handles multiple windows (which is mostly X’s fault). I finally switched to Entourage X & I still think Entourage X looks a lot nicer.

However, I really dislike how Entourage stores all of the email in one huge database that can easily get corrupted. It also gets really slow when you have a lot of messages in a folder. I really needed some way to archive my email conveniently but I really disliked every email archive program I’ve tried, including several FileMaker export solutions. The last straw was when Entourage gave me a bit of a scare on the last day of MacHack. When I launched it, it said that it couldn’t read the database, and I also wasn’t able to rebuild the database. Thankfully simply rebooting cured that.

The first thing I noticed when I went back to Eudora is how much faster it is. I’m still getting used to working with it again, but the increased reliability & speed is definitely worthwhile. In all the years I’ve used Eudora, I never once lost any email and I don’t have to live in fear of a corrupted mail database. It also uses much less disk space and synchronizing Eudora mailboxes between my G4 & my iBook is a lot faster than synchronizing Entourage’s database.