It looks like the Ender's

It looks like the Ender’s Game movie is finally going to happen.

From Aint-It-Cool-News:

Well my spy tells me that Orson Scott Card’s long languishing in pitch hell adaptation of ENDER’S GAME will finally be finding a home with Warner Brothers. Not only that, but the director of THE NEVERENDING STORY and DAS BOOT will be directing. That’s right, Wolfgang Petersen has signed on to direct this epic of science fiction cool! Can’t imagine a better director for this film personally. He is brutal and human and great with kids. This could be a great film if they nail the script. I’m gonna dig for more details and see if I can get Wolfgang or Orson or Lorenzo on the horn to comment on whatever it is they are going to be doing with this. But ya know what… They got the right director, now all they have to do is have a great script and make a great movie. Simple. heheheh…

Orson originally wanted Episode 1’s talentless Jake Lloyd to play Ender, which would have turned it into a total disaster. Thankfully that isn’t going to happen now.