I haven't updated to Toast

I haven’t updated to Toast 5.1.4 and I don’t intend to do so as long as 5.1.3 continues to work for me. Roxio’s updated license agreement says:

Content providers are using the digital rights management technology contained in this Software to protect the integrity of their content so that their intellectual property, including copyright, in such content is not misappropriated. Owners of such Secure Content may, from time to time, request Roxio or its suppliers to provide security related updates to the digital rights management components of the Software that may affect your ability to copy, display and/or play Secure Content through the Software or other applications that utilize the Software.

F*** them! We’re coming closer to end users having no rights at all. When I buy a CD, I should have the right to use it as I see fit. I’m not selling pirated copies of that CD – I just want to burn music mix CDs with a collection of tracks from various CDs that I own, since most of my CDs have tracks I don’t like and I would prefer to listen to a mix of tracks from several CDs.

Remember the scene in Network where everyone opened their windows and shouted “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? It’s time for us to send that message to the recording industry.