Election 2006

With all of the elation over the results of the election, I’d like to focus on a few negatives.

My biggest disappointment is Charlie Crist winning the race for governor. Although he’s a moderate and most of his policies aren’t too objectable, I’m strongly opposed to him for one reason only: his support for the FCATs, which Jim Davis promised to change.

For those of you who don’t live in Florida, the entire school year is focused on preparing for the FCATs. Instead of actually learning, kids are only taught how to pass the FCATs, since it determines the school funding based on the grades. This has ruined Florida’s educational system. If I had kids, I wouldn’t want them to go to school in Florida for that reason.

Another big disappointment was Joe Lieberman’s win in Connecticut. I hate him more than anyone else in politics because he’s a hypocrite who betrayed the Democratic party.

One minor disappointment is the closeness of the senate race in Virginia. I had hoped Webb would soundly defeat “Senator Macaca” instead of barely squeaking by. As it stands now, a few senate races are still undecided and there’s still a chance the Democrats might not take back the Senate.

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