I find that driving affects my mood more than almost anything else. I decided to go to my favorite lunch place in Wilton Manors.

As I approached Oakland Park Blvd, the traffic was at a standstill. My inner New Yorker took over and I started blowing my horn. The jerk in front of me in a white Dodge purposely slowed down the rest of the way and we got into a shouting mach as we approached NE 25th St. She purposely stopped and then took off as soon as the light changed, leaving me stuck at a red light. I was steaming mad and remained in a foul mood all through lunch.

Coming home, it was the opposite. All of the traffic in front of me turned off at Prospect Rd so I had a clear ride to Commercial, and I made the most of it, zipping through at over 60. After that, I was in a great mood & all of my anger was gone.