Cats are so much fun

Midnight has been here since last night & he hasn’t tried to run away. I have an appointment with the vet Monday morning to have him neutered.

He spent most of the day hiding under my bed, although he’s also been exploring, eating, and playing. He had a few fights with Cody, but they mostly ignore each other.

I put out separate food dishes for them, but Cody insists on eating from Midnight’s dish instead of his own. Cody also jumped on Midnight a few times, and midnight gave him a swipe, although he didn’t seem to hurt him. Midnight still has his claws, but Cody is declawed, although Cody is about twice his size.

Midnight is very affectionate. He keeps rubbing against my legs & following me around. He also loves to hide behind me when Cody is upset with him.