Cats are SO much fun :)

I heard some noises in the kitchen & when I went to investigate, I found Cody on top of the refrigerator, knocking things down. No place is safe from him.

Midnight, on the other hand, rarely gets into trouble. He doesn’t climb any place he shouldn’t (such as my desk). I once caught Cody in the act of pooping on the floor outside the litterbox and he still does it every few days. I’m pretty sure Midnight doesn’t do it – he always makes a big deal of using the litterbox. Before he goes to the litterbox, he starts meowing to make sure I see him go.

Midnight does sit at the table when I’m eating. Once when I got up to get something, I found him sitting in my chair and eyeing my food when I came back. Whenever I sit down, Midnight jumps in my lap. If I ignore him too long, he’ll give me a little nip on my arm.