Big Raid May Be Near

Big Raid May Be Near After Suicide Bombing Kills 14. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called Yasir Arafat “the enemy of the entire free world,” as Israel tightened its ring of tanks and rifles around the Palestinian leader. By James Bennet. [New York Times: International]

Someone needs to stop Israel now. This has gone way too far. The Arab countries were RIGHT THERE offering peace, and just because of one group of Palestinians whom they might not even be able to control attacks Israel is no excuse for this horror. This is complete bullshit. They’re bringing it on themselves, and I don’t understand how Israel can call Arafat “the enemy of the free world” and then do this to him and his people.

Israel needs to fuck off and die.

And in case you were wondering, I have absolutly nothing against Jews. I have something against Palestinians who belive strongly enough in freedom that they strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up. I have problems when Palestinians throw rocks and Israel throws rockets and bullets.

This is one of the few things I’ve grown to belive passionately, and I’m tired of sitting by and watching it happen. [Jeremiah’s Radio Weblog]

Even though my family background is Jewish (I consider myself an Agnostic), I’m appalled by Israel’s actions. They need to get rid of Sharon. He’s a madman who wants war, not peace. He’s the wrong person to be in charge now. They need a moderate who’s willing to negotiate & accept a peace offer. The US needs to put much more pressure on them. They need Arafat’s cooperation if they want peace – their attack on him will only make things much worse.