15331 ª March 6 9:54 PM. Gambia for the People Two guys I know, using affordable (and easily transported) technology, have gone from our island in Maine to Gambia, West Africa the last two winters to play, promote, and help preserve traditional music. Rock stars have sold out, local radio is a joke, and big-label/commercial music is doomed, but these two are doing good things. Any inspiring independent music projects in your part of the globe? [MetaFilter]

Dave Gilden is doing something similar. He runs Cora Connection, which specializes in kora music (a 21-string west African harp). He spends a lot of time in Gambia, working with local musicians, including the late Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, one of the greatest masters of the kora. He also imports instruments, offers lessons, and visits schools.